Sui. How will we send assets by email?


Sui is a project that aims to make the network scalable and easy to use.

A network for creating new financial systems and games. A network where it will be possible to recover assets after losing a key (?), and then send them by SMS or Email (?).

How will sending assets by Email work and what security measures will be in place to prevent assets from being stolen?

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I don't think that this will be implemented on the blockchain level. It should be done on the wallet level.

For example, you can read how Torus generates keys and stores them:,to%20recover%20your%20private%20key.

Private keys on the Torus Network are stored as shares. These shares follow a threshold access structure — as long as you have more than half of the total shares, you can recover your private key. For example, if there are 3 shares in total, you would need at least 2 of the shares to recover your private key.

In short, a private key can be broken down into a number of shares. One share can be stored by a user, another by wallet provider, third by a bank or other trusted party. Private key can be recovered if user obtains required number of shares, but a share alone does not provide access to a private key.