Efficacy Labs (Kriya DEX) is new partner for Sui Global


What is Efficacy?

Efficacy Labs is building the internet’s native infra for trading and settlement of sophisticated derivative products on-chain We have 3 core offerings

Kriya DEX This is a decentralised exchange for trading under-collateralised derivatives Kriya is a CLOB-based DEX built on the Sui blockchain. This allows for very low latency trading with negligible gas. We'll start off with perps and European cash (~stablecoin) settled options We'll introduce cross-margining once we've scaled to enough liquidity Samriddhi Vaults These are baskets of options strategies meant to generate yield in different market circumstances Volatility Yield Hedging Long Term Holdings Passive Income via Time decay These strategies are executed on the Kriya DEX as well as via Chakra auctions Execution code is deterministic and governed by the Quant DAO

Chakra SDK Web2 compatible API suite to access the efficacy ecosystem Traders can use the API to algotrade on the Kriya DEX Fiat on-ramps + custodianship features provided by partners embedded within the SDK You can seamlessly bridge collateral from EVM chains using the inbuilt mirroring feature and use it as margin for trades on Kriya Institutions can use the Chakra SDK for Creation, Margining and Settlement of custom payoff structures (Cross-chain Clearing House) All derivatives minted via Chakra will be fully collateralised Fixed loss spreads can be minted and auctioned too

you can follow twitter thread to find links and test Kriya DEX:

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Thank you for the detailed information about the project. I also created a step-by-step instruction on how to work with it

We are currently at a stage where we can't test it yet, right? When will it be started?