Bill Allred (@billallred) joined @mysten_labs as Director of Gaming Product


Bill Allred (@billallred) joined @mysten_labs as Director of Gaming Product! Bill Allred graduated from @BYU and @MITSloan He most recently served as Lead of Product Management in @Meta

@billallred replies "Why web3? And, why Mysten Labs?"👇

I’m excited to share that I’ve joined @mysten_labs Mysten Labs as Director of Gaming Product. Mysten Labs was founded by leaders of Meta’s Novi project and the Move programming language. We share a belief that the internet of assets is a once-in-a-career opportunity to build something incredibly special.

Two questions led me here: Why web3? And, why Mysten Labs? I’m excited about web3 because where we direct our time and attention is increasingly digital. This is a decades-long shift, like the shift from brick & mortar to ecommerce, and games will lead the way.

Games are historically early adopters of new consumer technology for good reason - novelty is fun! So too is ‘skin in the game’, and ownership of digital assets opens fresh design space to create new entertainment experiences.

Within web3 I was most impressed by the Mysten Labs team. Not only are they humble, hungry, and in it for the long haul, but they’ve built differentiated technology.

@SuiNetwork and Move programming language treat digital assets as distinct objects, which solves web3’s thorniest problems like high gas fees and slow transaction times. This is how you build web3 games that compete on the basis of fun, rather than which database they use.

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