Let's talk about Sui Global


Do you agree with the following theses about Sui Global? - Sui Global will be the largest information and educational aggregator of the Sui ecosystem in the mainnet; - Sui Global will inevitably become an official Sui partner and receive awards; - Sui Global will issue its own token and create a DAO; - Sui Global will release a collection of NFTs with a very useful utility; - Sui Global will inevitably reward its early adopters.

Answers 2

I believe in the project, you can see new partners coming, there is encouraging news about the next stages of development. I hope that all these points will come true. The only question I have is about the token, is it needed if it has a value that goes beyond the SuiGlobal project?

Based on the given theses, it seems like Sui Global has big plans for its future in the Sui ecosystem. The first thesis suggests that Sui Global wants to be the go-to source for information and education within the mainnet, which would establish it as a key player in the ecosystem. The second thesis talks about Sui Global potentially becoming an official partner and receiving awards. This shows that the company is looking to build strong relationships and recognition within the Sui community. The third thesis mentions Sui Global's plans to issue its own token and create a DAO, which would provide new investment opportunities and a decentralized governance structure. This would give Sui Global more control over its future and allow for more democratic decision-making. The fourth thesis mentions the release of a collection of NFTs with a useful utility. NFTs are unique digital assets that can't be replaced or exchanged one-for-one, and a useful utility for these NFTs could bring real value to Sui Global's customers. Finally, the fifth thesis mentions Sui Global's plans to reward its early adopters. This would incentivize people to support the company in its early stages and show appreciation for their loyalty. All in all, it seems like Sui Global has a bright future ahead with these plans in place. But as with any investment or business opportunity, it's important to do your research and understand the risks involved before making any decisions.