SUI testnet wave 2. Feedback time


The post this is for all the SUI enthusiastic who have tested the chain on wave 2. Please give your feedback maybe this post help the network to solve some issues. 1. What kind of projects you tested? a. NFTs b. Launchupads c. Wallets d. Dexes 2. Which projects? (name it) 3. How was your expirience? Describe about Ranking from 0 to 10 4. Describe your issues/problems 5. Are these issues have been resolved? 6. Make proposal that will improve the network Thank you for your participation

Answers 2

The most striking impression, of course, is Launchpad on Bluemove, when the network just goes down. I hope the developers will make the necessary changes, because the problems are observed every time, and there have been nine of these Launchpad.

1. Launchpad, Wallets, NFT 2. BeLaunch, Sui Swap, Sui wallet(stake, mint), BlueMove, Suiet wallet 3. 5 4. BlueMove has problems with minting NFTs, BeLaunch don't work properly 5. Nope 6. I'm not developer, so I can't say