New OG missing ?


New OG missing ? How to get New OG?

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You can also hope that someone who owns an OG role will score 6 points in games or other contests and give the role to you.

To add to the above, There was an announcement as to how to maintain your OG role by being active and gettign the **ACTIVE** discord role. You can check the announcement here : [](url)

If you have the Crew3Hunter role, then you need to wait for the announcement in #💎・hunters-and-champs-chat: ![]( In this chat, a button appears once a month (available 24 hours, as a rule). You need to click it and you will have the OG role. But if you already had the OG role before and you lost it due to inactivity, then you cannot return it by clicking the button. The only option for you is to take part in the games and activities that are being announced (poker, chess, quiz, gartic, royal rumble, games in general chat, trivia) that are regularly held in the Sui Global discord (to receive notifications about games, get roles in the appropriate section of the Sui Global discord (**and only in this way can the role be returned**): ![]( **Chats with games will become available to you:** ![](