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This is an all-inclusive Q&A informative thread where you will get almost all your questions answered, and if it still isn't you can always ask in the comments section. Let us dig deep in to them one by one. **CREW3** The interface and the explanation are pretty simple complete tasks get XP's and move up in level and along the way get a chance to get roles in accordance to what tasks you might complete for a particular project partner. `Website Link : `[](url) If you are completely new to this below is how it will look to you: ---------- ![]( ---------- At the start, the only quests you can do is the ones that are unlocked or not greyed out. Once you start completing those quests new existing quests will start unlocking as you move ahead completing those quests. *Please note some quests need to be manually verified by the SUI GLOBAL team and if the next quest is dependent on you completing the previous text, so you would have to wait for it to get checked and approved.* Now when you finish a series of Partner quests you can acquire something called discord roles in the SUI GLOBAL Discord **For example:** ETHOS, CRADLE, SUIET, etc. more on this in the Discord Roles section. Once you have completed all the tasks you can claim the discord role of crew3 hunter. more on this in the next section. **FAQs** **> Q: why it is taking too much time to verify a quest?** > A: As the team manually verifies the claims it takes time. What I have personally noticed is, there are mainly two times my tasks are verified 7-11 am and evening 6-11 pm (timezone GMT+5:30) so you can always plan accordingly to complete the task as efficiently as possible. **> Q: Why i do not see all the quests although I have seen other roles given to other members?** > A: Not all quests are available since the inception of crew3 of SUIGLOBAL. Just focus on completing the task which you can see. **> Q: Any benefits of doing the tasks apart from leveling up and maybe receiving discord roles?** > A: Well apart from supporting this wonderful SUI community and the ecosystem as a whole, currently there are no set things that are defined although 3 OATs have already been released for users who have those discord roles. (what it does nobody knows yet ) **> Q: Can I cheat the task to gain an undue advantage?** > A: Despite the fact, this is morally unethical, as I have mentioned earlier the SUI team checks all the tasks completed manually. If they find you have cheated in any way you might be stripped of your existing roles or worst you might be banned from Discord itself. Honesty is the best policy. **> Q: Where can I find my rank or how to get my invite link?** > A: You can click on the icon on the top left cornix of your profile and you will see your rank, also the invite link can be copied by just pressing the invite link button. (see picture below) ---------- ![]( ---------- **> Q: Where can I get the global Rank of SUI GLOBAL quests and any advantage of being in the top 10?** > A: just click on the Leaderboard on the top left side. Getting in the top 10 gets you the chance of getting the OG role directly :). More on the roles in the next section. **FYI: ** In crew3 tasks you cannot use the same image to complete two different quests so do not waste your time trying so :) If still you have any questions or if I have missed anything please do let me know in the comments and I will provide answers to your questions. **STAY TUNED FOR PART 2**

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A wonderful project, a distinguished team, and strong companies. I hope to be part of your amazing project. I'm so excited

Hey @rudami, thanks for reading the article :). Although they do only get OG role (alpha i have not mentioned), but they get if there are any leftover OG roles in that month. Below is a snippet in the Get OG & Alpha channel : **The below is in regards for OG.**. > 4) Crew3. The remaining spots at the end of the month are distributed among the leaders in Crew3. So, i have updated the article (instead of they get OG, i have added they get a chance to get OG directly). If you find anything else do let me know.

I'll make a small clarification) for the top 10 are not given the role of OG, and Alpha. But for the work done I give a like, if I could)

Wow, you did so much work. Good job!