Hello Sui Global community, MI TOKEN SUI We are thrilled to announce the first Winter Expertise Contest V2 (with NFT giveaway) to streamline the knowledge sharing flow on our Q&A on Peeranha.

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It's a pity that few users participate now and low activity, it's hard to get reputation points. But the more valuable will be the NFT received)

This project is looks so innovative and impactful, happy to take participate in such huge project. You guys are really hard working and I am sure you will reach to the Moon.

To add to the above message. You can find all the details here : [https://discord.com/channels/1018121472511852574/1034762371480162345/1070594766250713129](url) Also, below is a screenshot of the same for those who wish to read here itself :) **FYI: ** You can find this in the SUIGLOBAL Discord and the PEERANHA Discord. ---------- ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1032618692850237460/1071294900043251722/Screenshot_2023-02-04_at_10.32.52_AM.png) ----------