blockchain competition


what criteria do you think sui will surpass aptos by?

Answers 3

In terms of the number of users waiting for airdrop, Sui will definitely surpass Aptos)

Sui’s version of Move makes it clear when an object is owned, shared, mutable or immutable, whereas Aptos does not. Moreover, Sui’s ownership API is cleaner than that of Aptos, as it shows the blockchain design more clearly. I think the number of NFT projects on Sui will be a good Surprise , also the community is great!

Architecture Sui employs a DAG-based mempool Narwhal and the Tusk consensus algorithm. The DAG is then used for parallelization at the execution layer. Meanwhile, Aptos implements parallelization by dynamically detecting dependencies and scheduling execution tasks using BlockSTM, an evolution of the high-performance HotStuff algorithm taking its inspiration from Software Transactional Memory.