Best Sui Wallet so far!


There are 6 wallets among Sui Global Official partners : 1-Suiet wallet 2-Ethos 3-Martian 4-Morphis 5-Glass 6-Fewcha Which one do you like to use the most and why ?

Answers 3

For official activities I use the official Sui Wallet. The Ethos wallet team in devnet had tasks, I found it handy. But I don't see the point in multiple wallets. My choices are Sui Wallet and Martian (it's for both Sui and APT)

Sui Wallet & Ethos

When I generated the background for my capybara using artificial intelligence, I interacted with the Ethos wallet, and I was impressed. Although I have not singled out any of the wallets before, they are all good in their own way.