Opportunities at an early stage


## I see more and more opportunities and prospects. Sui Global constantly introduces us to new projects of the Sui ecosystem. We can at an early stage (devnet and testnet) participate in various projects, showing our activity.And the great thing is that our activity is fixed in the form of roles in the Sui Global discord server. We can participate in free draws on the Quest3, receiving whitelists and various rewards. We interact with dozens of projects at their initial stage of development. Those who are reading this now, guys, we are part of the story with you. Even on this platform, called Peeranha, I see the prospects for which I want to interact with it after the competition, which is held together with Sui Global. ## Did you know that Peeranha is the official partner of Mysten Labs? ![](https://i.imgur.com/OpJkfyu.png) ## I suggest looking even deeper. If you go to the NFT section in your profile, you will notice limited badges that you can get right now. We are one of the first who started using the platform. ![](https://i.imgur.com/74R0wB0.png) ## What do you think?

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Now we are waiting for Sui Global to appear on the official Mysten Labs list. This will be an incredible breakthrough for the project, and for us, as its users, it will be an additional incentive to continue developing together with the project

Yes , Peeranha is an official partner os Mysten lab , in my opinion its good to focus on the official partners of MystenLabs We are used to Peeranha , Ethos Wallet , Talofa games & SuiNS