What makes Sui stronger?


Why Sui Network is a highly promising project: 1-The Idea and talented team behind Sui Network. 2-The strong projects and skilled teams associated with Sui, including those that are built on or support Sui. 3-The supportive and active community that plays an instrumental role in the success of Sui and its related projects. Share your idea , What can make Sui even stronger?

Answers 2

Would like to agree with whatever @rudami has said above. And the SUI GLOBAL ecosytem have done an excellent job in marketing and incubating different projects at very early stages and personally this i feel would be instrumental in their success.

Sui's popularity was helped by its predecessor Aptos and its success. After all, the team of both projects came from Facebook. The very idea of making blockchain the fastest with minimal fees has always been supported by the cryptocommunity. The project definitely has a hype, the only thing left is to confirm it in practice - let's see how Sui will be in the mainnet.