Do you hope for Sui airdrop?


Sui said there will be no airdrop, do you believe that?

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Yes, I think there will be an airdrop. The only question is to whom and for what. I'm not sure I'll be among the lucky ones, but I'm sure there will be an airdrop. Let's try to be among the lucky ones!

I do yes but wen

There is no Official Sui Network Airdrop program,But there will be Airdrop which may not come directly from the Sui network but through its partners and projects built on Sui. Most of these projects allocate a portion of their tokens for the community.

I think it could be. Many of all Sui tokens are dedicated to the community. I hope in it)

I do not hope, I know that its probability is 100%, having studied their tokenomics, I made such a conclusion :). But I do not know in what form and how it will be implemented.

Officially 6% of the Sui fund will go to the partners. Of course, we would like to get it, and there is even some hope. Perhaps there will not be a direct distribution of tokens, but they will give NFT Tester Sui. And it will already give access to some events, free lunchpads, etc.