Grow Tree Channel


Who is watering the tree in the Grow Tree channel on the Sui Global Discord server? What benefits are received in exchange for the points earned from watering the tree?

Answers 2

It's for fun, as they say. When it came out, I was very active in watering the tree) then I got tired of keeping track. Now I only come in occasionally, but it would be fun if they gave out awards for it later. So two or three times a day you can water)

I have to be completely honest, I did not check this at all. Thanks for the info, i will now be one of the contributers to make it the tallest amoung all. hahah :D As for what is its purpose. I feel it is more of a game to be an entertainment and sort of a unity building exercise amoung all the users of the SUIGLOBAL to make the tree of SUIGLOBAL the largest tree in the Grow tree universe :) And for benefits, i feel it is more of on the satisfaction level and being a part of something bigger than an individual kind of thing. **Please note :** This is my personal view and there is no official announcement as such from the team on this.