Sui Global Community on Peeranha


Why only few members of the Sui Global community are being active on Peeranha? What steps can be taken to increase their participation?

Answers 2

This is a new platform of communication in question and answer format, and everything new is not immediately accepted by people, it takes time. There are many platforms now like Discord, Twitter, Telegram, but users have not yet realized the value that lies in saving the information on Peeranha - it cannot be deleted, it is stored in the blockchain.

Well to be honest participation from just the SUIGLOBAL community should not be the final goal, but it can definitely be one of the first goals. We need to spread the word of Peeranha to more places and gradually look for ways to involve more people who would look for peeranha for they day to day questions and answers espcially in the crypto space. Having said this Peeranha in itself would hopefully evolve (ofcourse with the help of everybody and the team) and gradually be a place where all would love to visit and get their questions answered.