How to get most out of Sui Project, which task to focus for a guaranteed exposure to Sui Eco-System?


****As we know, there are a lot of projects on Sui recently if we look around. It becomes quite brainstorming to do all the task we see on Sui project, we can not do all of them for sure. So, today I would like to request our experts and fellow Sui members to suggest new or late commers in Sui project about which task to do for a potential exposure to the best projects in Sui and to be eligible for the potential airdrop if it does happen sometime in future. Thank you

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It's only a matter of researching projects yourself. You can bet on a couple of official Sui partners and an unofficial one. Follow their news, test the product, and do other activities. When the project sees the light of day, you'll be able to understand whether you made the right choice or the wrong one. This way you get experience and can then choose projects better. This is the path to development. Translated with (free version)

Rank your projects of interest, considering the potential for an airdrop, I prioritize Launchpads, Wallets, and official partners of Mysten Labs. May be in coming posts we can discuss the most interesting projects on Sui.