OG role in Sui Global discord !


Are you satisfied with the allocation of OG roles in the Sui Global Discord community? ![](https://crew3-production.s3.eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/public/479e5840-e7bb-4dda-bd31-46314b630564-Frame18.png)

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I can't now to get OG)) also hunter( I would like to get hunter role)

rather yes. But the issuance of OG at the touch of a button a little confused :) but given that then need to confirm and active - good.

I was working for a long time on crew3 for the Og , but i was out 2 weeks , and i lost many things ! I think you can offer best choise for the people whu was inactve for short time ! Thanks

Who got the role - happy, who does not have it or lost it - not happy). The project develops, the conditions for obtaining this role become more complicated, it is natural. Those who entered earlier in Discord, it was easier, but even now the requirements are quite achievable - you have to be active and creative.

ofcourse,i think sui is the most valued project in web 3.0.lets expected together