Sui definitely looks like a blue chip.


Sui project, which has collected a large investment and is now actively working, is approaching the launch of mainnet. Why is sui blue chip? This is my personal opinion and nothing more. Sui initially positioned itself as something large-scale and expensive, the project has not yet launched, and already so many projects in the sui ecosystem. There are already a lot of sites being built in the sui ecosystem for different needs. There are blockchains that caught a haip in the last cycle, but they still do not have as many projects in the ecosystem as sui, which has not even launched. What do you think?

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It looks like it's heading that way but it is difficult to predict whether SUI will become a blue chip stock in the future. Here are some factors to consider: - SUI's current stock price and market capitalization - The company's financial performance and outlook - Its competitive positioning in the industry - The overall market environment - The company's ability to innovate and adapt to changes in the sector

Yes, I hope Sui will be really "blue chip"