Sui Global & Peeranha. For what?


Hi all! What is the point of this platform? what are we interacting with here for? other than the contest. will there be officials sitting here and answering popular questions?

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I would also like to add that our questions and answers are blockchain-protected, they cannot be deleted or influenced in any way from the outside. Also, active discussion helps the project climb higher in search engines like Google

I genuinely cannot add anything else to what @c2crypto has said. He explained it beautifully. Please mark it the best answer :)

I hope my answer will help : **Peeranha** is for any community that is interested in Question and Answer website with fair economy that provides **financial rewards** to users for their helpful contributions. Peeranha is more than a Q&A website by creating new knowledge sharing process in Web3. **Sui Global** raises awareness of Sui blockchain and projects developmet on Sui around the World.Sui Global focuses on strengthening the Sui foundation, developing the community, and supporting existing and new projects built on the **Sui blockchain**. You will find **Tutorials** and **Expert Q&A** plus you can exchange ideas and thought about Sui , Sui Global with other community memebers.