When Rewarded user?


since launch 3 month ago,, member not get reward

Answers 2

Guaranteed airdrop is possible if some partners or the project Sui itself will award Sui Global, then some part will be distributed among the participants. But it's worth saying that there are often drawings in which you can get WL or other rewards in partner projects. But it is better not to count on anything, so as not to be upset later)

While there isn't a definite plan for any airdrops at the moment, becoming a member of the **Sui Global** community could offer an opportunity to engage with a diverse group of individuals who are promoting the **Sui Blockchain** across various social media and other spaces, including Twitter, Discord, Crew3, Galxe, and more. By participating in activities such as testing Dex, DeFi, Bridges, Games, Marketplaces, and minting NFTs on testnet and Devnet, you could potentially earn rewards and gain valuable experience, making i t an excellent place to begin.