will the token be sui


**tell us what you think about the near future of the sui token**

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I genuinely feel with the amount of work that has gone in to developing SUI, and the project in itself brings a lot of value to the CRYPO space. I easily see it in the top 50. And long term top 20. SUI is doing a lot of things correct and the proper marketing and execution of it in the right way and at the correct time. As for the token. It will be mostly named as SUI. As for when it is will be launched, no on can really tell until there is an official announcement as their still remains the testnet wave 3 which has not been even announced yet.

Definitely SUI Coin.

Since Sui is blockchain , it will be **SUI** Coin not Sui Token I think Sui will be among the top 100 Coins

Near future will be Mainnet Launch and SUI token will be there.

I think it will pump for first days then it will crash to "normal " level. I think sui will be top 200 coin when its launces