Cyber validator Sui Global


There is a person on the Sui Global team who is a cyber validator. What do you think a cyber validator is for? Can we accept the scenario that Sui Global will become a validator in Sui mainnet?

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Anything that implements security and veracity to the network seems fine to me. I totally agree that anyone who meets the requirements and complies with the rules becomes a cyber validator.

Hello! A cyber validator is typically responsible for verifying and validating transactions on a blockchain network. This involves making sure that the transactions are legitimate and follow the rules and protocols of the network. Regarding Sui Global becoming a validator on Sui's mainnet, I am not much of an expert and have no access to information about Sui Global's plans or intentions. However, it is certainly possible for any organization or individual to become a validator on a blockchain network, as long as they meet the necessary requirements and follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the network.

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