What does ChatGPT think


**Me:**What kind of network do you think Sui is? Any ideas? **ChatGPT:** SUI is a promising network with high transaction speeds and low fees.

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Chat GPT is more than just a comuper code and fetched AI system. It has been made to think exactly as a normal healthy human brain of an adult. It even has humor and can make fun out of you, if you ask it something stupid. So, AI thinks beyong our imaginations as it has read almost every available mateiral on earth. So, bettter be humble and be human like with it or else it might make fun out of you. Chat GPT is the future of mankind.

The quality of the answers is directly proportional to the quality of the questions. Asked to ChatGPT: "Sui is a cutting-edge smart contract platform, powered by a permissionless set of validators who perform roles akin to validators or miners in other blockchain systems. It offers unparalleled scalability and exceptionally low-latency for straightforward use cases. By processing most transactions in parallel, Sui optimizes resource utilization, allowing throughput to be increased by adding more resources. This approach bypasses consensus for simple use cases such as payment transactions and asset transfers, enabling a range of latency-sensitive distributed applications from gaming to retail payments at physical points of sale. Built using Rust, Sui supports smart contracts written in Sui Move, a powerful, asset-centric adaptation of Move for the Sui blockchain. Sui Move programs define operations on assets, including their creation, transfer, and mutation. Sui's native token, SUI, has a fixed supply and is used to pay for gas, with users staking their tokens with validators in a Delegated Proof-of-Stake model. Sui's breakthrough system design allows for horizontal scaling with no upper bound, eliminating the need for global consensus on a total-ordered list of transactions. Instead, it employs parallel agreement on causally independent transactions, committing them using Byzantine Consistent Broadcast. This innovative data model, along with Move's strong ownership types, enables Sui to agree on and execute transactions on multiple objects in parallel. Key highlights of Sui include unmatched scalability, instant settlement, a safe and accessible smart contract language, the ability to define rich and composable on-chain assets, improved user experience for web3 apps, and a DAG-based mempool with efficient Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus. Sui is uniquely positioned to scale alongside the growth of web3, offering industry-leading performance, cost, programmability, and usability as the first internet-scale programmable blockchain platform and a foundational layer for web3." I hope it works for you, greetings.