How do I choose the type of post?


Could you please tell me a bit more about the kinds of posts here? What is the difference between Discussions and Expert Q&A? In what occasions can we post tutorials? Thanks in advance!

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**Discussions** The discussion of a particular topic entails the participation of a large number of community members and opinions. The questions or topics in this section do not require a high level of Web3 expertise or vetted answer, but often require a great deal of community involvement. Have you ever participated in Reddit discussion? This section is all about less expertise and more fun in comments. Do you want to share an opinion on general topic about your community? You're welcome! **Expert** Peeranha was once inspired to create a Q&A protocol for Web3 engineers, builders and builders. But over time we have moved away from that idea, as we realize that the problems Peeranha solves exist in all communities. By referring to this section, one is looking for a specific solution to a specific problem. And that solution requires a high level of expertise! This section was meant to be an ocean of knowledge into which a Web3 creator dives when looking for a solution. By the way, this is the section that earns the most reputation for participation! Have you ever seen "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"? This show requires a lot of expertise to win some cash. Just imagine that Expert Q&A is naturally the same and ask your question! **Tutorials** This section is all about "how to", "step-by-step" and guidance! If you are a researcher and wonna make you content public - you are welcome! This is the last step and your secret word is in the article!