Defi better than cefi


i prefeer defi as we can trace every transaction and know what ks happinging not like cex and leaverge/future i hope we come to a day we all use only defi

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DeFi is like your friend who accepts you for who you are, and CeFi is your boss who constantly monitors your actions

defi full of scammers tho

I agree with you, defi has a number of advantages. For a smaller number of actions you get the result. And when your funds are on CEX, then these are exchange wallets, not yours. This poses a number of risks. Plus, it seems to me that DeFi is easier for an ordinary novice user if he starts to delve into it. But regulation is getting closer and closer. Let's see what will happen. I would not want to go through the KYC in the future in order to trade on the DEX.

If you want to keep the control of the blockchain system in your hands without giving it to any regulatory body, go for a DeFi model.

So, what is your question?