About games in discord


## Tell us about the games in the Sui Global discord. I have some questions: 1. What does participation in games give? 2. Do you recommend participating in all games? 3. How can newbies start playing?

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At this point the games give you the opportunity to get the OG role, if you don't already have it :) Personally, I play chess just for fun, I already have roles, but I like interacting with the community in sui global :)

1. If you reach 6 points in poker or chess, you recieve an OG and Chessmaster/Pokerface role. 2. I recomend you paricipate in games that you like. Nobody is forcing you to play. 3. Newbies can claim game roles in #roles chanel and play) If you are talking about skills in games, then you need to practice and someday you will definitely win.

Any verified user of Discord Sui Global can start playing. There are many options on the platform, from classic chess and poker to games in which you do not actively participate, but test your luck. You can get XPs for prizes, which will count towards Crew3, but the greater value is the prize points. When you accumulate 6 points for one type of game, you get the role of OGold and the role of that game as a gift. There is no other option to get OG now - so its value increases.