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crypto community is a collection of more than one person to know the development of a crypto, as well as global sui which is a community of sui, in the community usually provides updated information both in terms of price, market, phrase and target of the coin, which I ask why sui global only gives assignments to crew 3 whose contents are not much different from other communities in sui ? why sui global doesn't provide optimal explanations to partners such as: dev, phrase, future possibilities and information related to partners so that community members start preparing which ones to hold or which to avoid because the risk is big... thank you

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Sui Global raises awareness of Sui blockchain and projects developmet on Sui around the World. Sui Global focuses on strengthening the Sui foundation, developing the community, and supporting existing and new projects built on the Sui **blockchain.**

One AMA said they were going to start a school, but what the directions would be is not yet known. There is already a #useful-links thread in Sui Global Discord with tutorials for newbies on crypto