Give an expert advice on what to do on SUI Project.


Please write some expert advice on Sui project to do to become an early adopter in it.

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The second stage of the test has now passed. The very first activity was the installation of a node, the other day the game Frenemies (token-stacking) was completed. Ahead is still waiting for the launch of the Ambasador program - you will have time for it, I advise you not to miss it. But what will be there and in what form is still unknown.

The **Sui** project shows great potential , but it's important to do your own research (**DYOR**) before making any financial decisions. Since the crypto market is largely unregulated, it's unlikely that anyone will provide financial advice. Instead, you should take the time to learn more about the Sui blockchain, participate in testing, gather information on Sui and other projects in the Sui ecosystem, and ultimately make an informed decision based on your own analysis.