How to get Sui Global Roles - New Update


Sui Global updated the roles in Discord

Crew3 Roles

@Champion ➤ - complete the quest chain of at least 1 partner. @Crew3Hunter- complete the quest in Crew3, corresponding to obtaining this role. Note that the conditions and timing of this quest may change. The top 250 on the Crew3 leaderboard automatically get this role.

OG Role

@OG - Play various games - rumble royal, trivia, quizbot, gartic, poker, chess and participate in events in 💬・general-chat.

You must** score 10 points** to receive an @OG.

For winning the rumble royal, trivia, quizbot, gartic and events in 💬・general-chat you get 2 points. For winning the poker you get 4 points. For winning the chess you get 3 points.

Alpha Role

This role can be obtained in two cases:

  1. Winners of the contests of contribution.
  2. Useful activity in 🌍・regional-chat and 💬・general-chat. Helpful is an answering questions, as well as helping and advising with quests and/or getting to know Sui Global. *If you are inactive for one month, you will lose your @Alpha

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