How to earn 100 points of reputation?


Hey everybody! Hope that you enjoy this short-read and little recup of our AMA on Friday 03.02. # How to earn 100 points of reputation? This article will give you an answer on how to earn a reputation on Peeranha. I will give you some best practices from my own experience. ## What's your reputation? Reputation is a rough `digital and onchain measurement` of how much the community trusts you. Thus, every user can lose the reputation and earn the reputation. It is earned by convincing your community members that you know what you’re talking about. The more reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain and rarer NFT you receive. Check you **personal profile** to see Peeranha reputation in action! ### Advice 1 - Valuable Knowledge All the information in any community on Peeranha is structured by 3 main sections: `Discussions`, `Expert Q&A` and `Tutorials`. Thus, if you have some top super wow knowledge for the community to share - just use Expert Q&A or Tutorials. You will gain more reputation and respect using the principle of valuable knowledge. Important Note! Do not put any Discussions-styled topics to Expert Q&A because your post would be downvoted by a community and even we can change the type of your post. And this is all about losing your reputation. ### Advice 2 - Be Respectful Respect your community, respect every member of the community and you will be respected by the community. It is a `win-win` formula of success! On Peeranha you can show your respect in upvotes! If you see a community member just posted a cool post - give him an upvote. Boom and all your posts are upvoted by this guy. ### Advice 3 - Upvotes Your road to success but in our case top#1 user road is upvotes. The more upvotes you have, the more reputation you earn.

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