How to reestablish a role


Sometimes it happens that you have completed all the tasks in Crew3 on some project, but in Discord this role does not appear. The main thing is not to panic: 1. Make sure you have completed all the tasks. Often forget to do the last task, which is associated with the stigma of the role 2. If everything is done, go to Discord Sui Global and go to the branch #for-bots (located at the bottom), enter the command /resend-roles and send a message. The greeting "sent roles" will appear. ![]( 3. The role in your Discord profile may show up immediately, but sometimes you have to wait a couple of hours. 4. If this doesn't help, open a ticket. Find the appropriate branch in Discord #support-ticket (at the bottom) and click the blue Creat ticket button. ![]( 5. A new branch is created with your ticket number. It need to make a screenshot of your Crew3 profile, which will show the final task and your nickname. 6. Find it by clicking on your profile, and then find it in ACTIVITY. ![]( 7. Waiting for an answer from the representative Sui Global and get your deserved role

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