How to earn the Alpha role


# About the Alpha role We all understand that Alpha is a limited role (150-170 people). That is why you want to achieve it. Because the highest rewards will be given to people in this role. ### Here are some reasons to try to earn a role: 1. Communication with the Sui Global team in Alpha chat. You can get quick answers to your questions. 2. Sometimes raffles are only for Alpha. 3. Sometimes useful information in the form of insiders. 4. WL for Sui Global NFT. 5. Recommendation from Sui Global for employment. 6. Receiving any assistance from the Sui Global team. ### Ways to get Alpha: 1. Activity in the regional or general chat. 2. Writing interesting, and most importantly, unique articles. 3. Creating videos about the project. 4. Be among the leaders of Crew3 for a month (if there are still places). Once you receive the Alpha, your journey is just beginning. You can also lose it if you are inactive for 1 month. Only the most active members receive this role. Most likely to get alpha for useful content in the form of articles or videos. I noticed a lot of inactive Alphas, so it's up to you to take their place. ![]( ![](

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