Get your Discord in order


I'm going to share a little tip for making using Discord a little more convenient. It will be useful for beginners, experienced users probably know about it. Often you have to subscribe to different projects to do some activity, for example in Crew3. Soon there are so many of them on the left side that you have to spend time looking for the right one. In Discord, it is possible to group projects - to do this, select the project icon, left-click (if you are using a PC) and drag to any other. Now they are in one folder: you can add other projects to it or create multiple folders. You can customize the appearance by right-clicking and clicking Customize Folder. There you choose a color and a name. ![]( Now it becomes much more convenient to use Deacord: in one folder you put the projects you are following, in another - the projects in which you have, for example, a whitelist. I recommend that you create a folder you can call Trash and move the projects you have subscribed to for the sake of the task there. Sometimes look through this folder and if the project does not interest you, unsubscribe from it or, conversely, move it to another. ![]( If this instruction was useful, I can make a new one - about how to collect news from all the projects of Discord in one place, so you do not have to go to each of them.

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