Sui launched Frenemies as part of Testnet Wave 2. The essence of the game. Every 12 hours you are randomly assigned a role and attached to a random validator. The goal is to stake tokens in such a way as to keep your validator in the required range. Depending on the success in the game, points will be awarded. The top 2,000 participants will enter the Community Access Program, which is allocated 6% of all $SUI tokens. At a distance, this game is completely random, so it’s up to someone as lucky. πŸ˜‰ Types of roles: Friend = keep your validator within 1-13 places Neutral = keep your validator within 14th-25th place Enemy = keep your validator within 26-41 places How to participate: 1) Install the [extension](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sui-wallet/opcgpfmipidbgpenhmajoajpbobppdil), create a wallet there 2) Fly into the [discord](https://discord.gg/sui) and request tokens in testnet-faucet 3) Go to the site [frenemies.sui.io](http://frenemies.sui.io/), connect the wallet, look at the role and stake the tokens depending on the situation More about the event here πŸ‘‰ [sui.io/resources-sui/make-frenemies-support-validators/](sui.io/resources-sui/make-frenemies-support-validators/)

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