Airdrop tokens from SuiSwap


Airdrop tokens from SuiSwap SuiSwap (, one of the main DEXs on SUI, announced ( the SuiSwap campaign point. 💁‍♂️ With the help of this event, the team is going to evaluate the contribution of each member of the community to the development of the project. "Contribution" will be evaluated by points that we will receive for various activities. 🔥Depending on the number of points received, 2% of the tokens allocated for airdrop will be distributed. 📝What will we get points for? • 20 points for everyone who joins the Discord ( project before March 1st; • Participation in events held by SuiSwap; • Obtaining OG roles in Discord ( (OG, OG Booster, OG Gold, OG Platinum); • Obtaining OAT on Galxe (Soon); • Completing quests for Crew3 (Soon). 👉 The last two items will be available soon. Now it’s worth getting into OG roles, for which they give a solid amount of points: • Suiswap OG - 2000 points; • Suiswap OG Booster - 4000 points; • Suiswap OG Gold - 10,000 points; • Suiswap OG Platinum - 60,000 points. 💬 If the last two roles are very rare and difficult to get, then the first two are more than real: we participate in events and give a boost to the discord server ( ❗️ Discord mods say ( that we will use a bot that will launch at the same time as Crew3 to track our points.

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