🔵Another activity from SUI


🔵Another activity from SUI: we write reviews about projects in the SUI network 💁‍♂️Yesterday, an announcement was made in the SUI discord (https://discord.com/channels/916379725201563759/925109817834631189/1076289085959831583) that now we have the opportunity to leave our feedback about projects in the SUI network. Also in the announcement there is an interesting line "may be a 🎁 in your future", retroactivity? Maybe... 📝 ACTION TO PARTICIPATE: - Go to this page (https://forums.sui.io/t/about-the-ecosystem-survey/5116) - get acquainted with the rules, and carefully study the design template (your themes will simply be deleted for the template); — We register on the site (https://forums.sui.io/) and start writing reviews through the "NEW TOPIC" button; - You can also keep active by leaving comments under other topics. ❗️IMPORTANT: If the project has already been written about, then the developers do not recommend writing and creating a new topic, but they advise limiting it to a comment under the topic. Therefore, the Ctrl + C → Ctrl + V technique will not work, you have to work!

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