Questions & Answers | Part 4 - Discord Server


**Hello Riders, Welcome back to this Q&A series and this is part 4 - Discord Server..**. Many times when people join the SUIGLOBAL discord, they are taken aback as to where to look first or how to start communicating/finding out more in the server. Below we will go through each category inside the SUIGLOBAL discord server and get to know what each category is about and how to go about it. **Please Note:** `Before I go in-depth into the discord server, if you are new and just wish to know what to do when you enter the server, without going through the below article. You can directly go to the following three sections which I will link here now:` 1) You can go to the Welcome Category whose first channel is SERVER-MAP : [](url) . In this category, you will find all the things you should be aware of and a summary of a lot of things. 2) You can also go to your regional Chat, by selecting your region or area's flag from here : [](url) . This will open up another channel for the flag you chose and you can ask questions there. 3) You can go to the general Chat of the community and ask your questions there : [](url). ### Now that this is out of the picture let's dig deep into the SUIGLOBAL Discord Server. First things first you can find the official link of the SUIGLOBAL Discord Server here: [](url). And below is how the server looks. I have closed down all categories so I can fit the entire server in one image. I will be going into each category one by one and learning about what each channel is for. ---------- ![]( ---------- Let's go one by one from the left side: **- BROWSE CHANNELS:** When you click on it, you will see on the right side all the channels individually available in the SUIGLOBAL server. You can even search for a channel you are looking for, Type in the search chat if you know what is the name of the channel and you will get it there. There is another option here, if you right-click on *BROWSE CHANNELS*, you will there see an option either to see all Categories/channels or very few selected ones. **What my suggestion would be to keep this ticked so you do not miss any notifications or any information**. **- @SUIGLOBAL:** This shows us the official Twitter account username of the SUIGLOBAL Team. **- TWITTER SUBS:** This will show the latest followers count at the time you check it. **- MEMBERS:** This will show the latest members count on the discord server at the time you check it. **- OGs:** This will show the current strength of the number of OGs present in the discord server. **Please Note: The above are all locked and doesn't show anything if you click on them. They are just for information purposes.** ``` First Category: ``` ## -> WELCOME Below are the total number of channels in this category and we will check out each one of them. 1) **SERVER-MAP:** Below is how it looks. ---------- ![]( ---------- If you are very confused, once you enter the server as to what the channels mean, this is the place you wanna check out first. This channel provides you links to different parts of the server and a basic description of what it is for. If you wish to go to any of the channels you can just click any of the links and it will take you to the respective channels. 2) **RULES:** This is the channel where you should visit among the first channels. Here you will find all the rules and regulations which you need to abide by in the SUIGLOBAL server. Make sure to read through it and follow this so that you do not end up getting banned or worst kicked out from the server. 3) **OFFICIAL-LINKS:** This is the channel where you will find the official links to all SUI and SUIGLOBAL websites, social media, etc. 4) **ABOUT-US:** To know a basic idea of what is SUIGLOBAL community is and what it is formed for, you can read about it here. 5) **ROLES:** To know all the roles present or/and achievable in this discord server, you can read all about them here. 6) **GET-ROLES:** Here you can find a summary as to how you can get the roles that are present in this discord server. 7) **WHO-ARE-YOU:** Here you will find people across the server introducing themselves in this channel. You can scroll through to read all about it :). ``` Second Category: ``` ## -> NEWS Below are the total number of channels in this category and we will check out each one of them. 1) **ANNOUNCEMENTS:** All the major announcements related to the SUIGLOBAL community will be sent out here. This channel you should always keep an eye on. 2) **DISCORD-ANNOUNCEMENTS:** All the announcements related to the SUIGLOBAL community which are not sent out in the ANNOUNCEMENTS channel and are more central to the discord server are sent out here. This is also a channel you should keep an eye on. 3) **WEEKLY-NEWS:** This is the channel where you will find news weekly in a snippet. You can always check this out once a week to check out and find out more about what is happening in the SUI Ecosystem. 4) **TWEET-FEED:** This will provide a feed of the tweets which are sent out on the SUIGLOBAL official Twitter. 5) **GIVEAWAY:** As the name suggests, anything related to the giveaway happening in the SUIGLOBAL community it will be sent out here. 6) **JOB-OFFERS:** Jobs related and/or about SUi or SUI ecosystem are sent out here. You can check out which are available, you are free to apply to any posts which you wish to :). ``` Third Category: ``` ## -> EDUCATION In this category there are only two channels as below: 1) **AMA-RECORDS:** This channel has the records of all the AMAs which has ever happened on the official Twitter account of SUIGLOBAL Twitter. You can click on any of the clickable links on Twitter to listen to the AMAs you are interested in. 2) **USEFUL-LINKS:** This channel entails all the useful links you can go to to read and understand more about what is SUI and a summary of do's and don'ts while you are on this journey with the team :). ``` Fourth Category ``` ## -> CONTRIBUTION Below is how it looks: ---------- ![]( ---------- This is a channel where you can share your work/contribution you have towards the SUIGLOBAL ecosystem. You should go through all three sub-channels so you are aware of what you need to keep in mind while contributing towards the SUI ecosystem. It's always good to keep checking that before you plan to contribute in any way. As we can see there are two Contests currently going on. Article contests and the Art contest. **You can find more about Article Contest here:** [](url). **You can find more about Art Contest here:** [](url). Once you have your contribution ready, you can send it to the **content channel** under contributions. Here is the link to it [](url). ``` Fifth Category ``` ## EVENTS. This is the category where all the members of the server can have lots of fun, play games, and in turn, also get a chance to win different roles along with the much coveted OG role. 1) **CREW3-HUNTER:** Before it was used as an update center any new quests were updated in the Crew3. Currently, that has been stopped, and the most latest notification. we see is as shown below, which is a sort of reminder to not cheat in the crew3 missions. ---------- ![]( ---------- 2) **GROW-TREE:** This is a fun little game where after a certain amount of time you can pour water and if somebody else has already poured recently, you have to wait for some time before you can do so. This is more of a community game where we compete with all the communities present in this GROW-TREE game. Currently, we have the 18th tallest Tree among all the communities there. Just click on the droplet to pour water. :). 3) **RUMBLE-ROYAL:** This is one of the best games I like. You do not have to do anything. Only when the game is about to begin, just react to the message with the attack icon and you are enrolled in that particular game. In this game eventually only one remains and that is the winner and is completely automated. The best part I like is reading how the users who participated died or were killed, it is really funny a lot of times and unexpected. Give this one a try. :). 4) **GARTIC:** This is again a community game sort of pictionary, but here you guess the object in the painting which is funny looking lol :) You can play by yourselves or when there is an official tournament play with others. 5) **PEERANHA:** This is an updates channel where if a thread is posted on PEERANHA in the SUIGLOBAL subdomain, an update is posted there with the link to that thread( Just like this one :) ). 6) **TRIVIA:** This is a game as the name suggests. Can only be played when is officially started. Questions are asked if you answer correctly you earn points and after the game gets over rankings are provided. 7) **QUIZ:** Similar to trivia but the questions are general knowledge questions and can vary in a range. And as the tournament end, you will again get a ranking of who. is in the top 3. 8) **CHESS:** This well is a chess tournament that happens from time to time. It goes on for 1 hr. and whoever gets maximum points wins the first price and so on. **Please note when registering for the tournament you have to use your discord user as your username otherwise you would not qualify.**. 9) **CRADLE-SPRINT:** This channel was activated when the CRADEL SPRINT was active on Cre3 missions. It is disabled now and that is it. 10) **POKER:** Last but not least, this is for all poker enthusiasts. As usual, tournaments would be announced, and the top 3 users with the most points in the allotted time get rewards. Here also **please note when registering for the tournament you have to use your discord userid as your username otherwise you would not qualify.**. **FYI:**`If you win a total of 10 points in either RUMBLE ROYAL or GARTIC or TRIVIA or QUIZ or CHESS or POKER you will get XP and along with that the OG role. And if you already have the OG role you can gift it to somebody else.`. ``` Sixth Category ``` ## -> PARTNERSHIPS. The channels in this category will vary from different role to role. Only one channel will be available for all that is the OUR-PARTNERSHIPS channel. I will show as an OG and CREW CHAMPION, what channels are open for me here. 1) **HUNTERS-AND-CHAMPS-CHAT:** This chat is only available for members who are either crew3hunter or champion or above (like OG, alpha, etc). If you are a part of this then you can ask questions to the fellow members who are actively participating in the crew3 tasks or other stuff and also general chit chat with the community. 2) **OG-CHAT:** This chat is only available for members who have OG or above roles. So the amount of members having access to this drastically reduces and you get a more refined talk about what is happening in the community including other stuff. :). 3) **OUR-PARTNERSHIPS:** This is the channel where you find the official partners of the SUIGLOBAL community. You can find official links to all the official partners and a great way to find out more about the apps building on/supporting the SUI ecosystem. Below is how it looks. ---------- ![]( ---------- ``` Seventh Category ``` ## -> COMMUNITY. This category has two of the most active channels under it. 1) **GENERAL-CHAT:** This is the channel that means what it says, it is a general chat of the entire server. Any questions you have or you wish to ask and are new and/or do not know what to do or are stuck somewhere, you can ask here. Many senior members including SUIGLOBAL mods/ambassadors/team can find them here. **Please make sure to not tag any teammates or @everyone or any specific ambassadors, Just ask your question and somebody else will reply to you. Also, all greetings should go in the next channel mentioned below.** 2) **GM-GN-HELLO:** This channel is specifically for all types of greetings and that is it. No other conversation happens here and slow mode is enabled to you can post only post every 6 hours. ``` Eighth Category ``` ## -> INTERNATIONAL This is a category where you can select your local language where you wish to be a part of and then accordingly interact with them. 1) **REGIONAL_CHAT:** In this channel you can just react to the flag you wish to be a part of and that specific chat channel will open for you. 2) **INDIAN:** As I chose the INDIAN flag, an INDIAN channel was opened for me and I can chat in my local language there. I do feel this is the place where you can ask the most questions within your local community and get replies in your native language. Only on this channel, you can speak a language other than English. ``` Ninth Category ``` ## -> VOICE CHANNELS As the name suggests these are the only category where voice chats are possible. Below are the two channels in it. 1) **AMA:** If there is an AMA on discord, it happens here. Although you can still join in at any time and listen to the default music which is at play over there :). 2) **VOICE CHAT:** Here you can come to voice chat with others, although if you join right now you would not have permission to speak. Not entirely sure if it was allowed before or recently has been disabled to speak into. ``` Tenth Category ``` ## -> BOT CORNER 1) **SUPPORT-TICKET:** Below is how it looks ---------- ![]( ---------- You can create the first type of ticket if you have any suggestions or wish to collaborate with the SUIGLOBAL community. The second type of ticket I would suggest under only two circumstances. First either you have been asked to and second if you have exhausted all other avenues of getting an answer and you have still not been able to find it then go ahead and open this type of ticket. 2) **FOR-BOTS:** Here you can check different things in the server about yourself and generally as well. What I feel the most used bot commands are - /messages = provides the number of messages you have sent from the point the server has started counting the latest. - /resend-roles = This is the command members often use, if they do not have a role that they feel, they should have. **You can find all the commands which you can use by typing in "/" and scrolling through the list of commands present.** 3) **SCAM-ALERT:** If there is any scam related to SUI or SUIGLOBAL you can post it here and necessary steps would be taken by the team. This is it for the SUIGLOBAL SERVER. If there is anything else I have not mentioned or you have more questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. As usual, if you have any comments or if there is anything you feel you do not understand or I have missed please do let me know. **For Part 1 of this series "Crew3" visit here:** [](url) **For part 2 of this series "Discord Roles" visit here:** [](url) **For part 3 of this series "Galxe OATs" visit here:** [](url)

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