First Steps on SUI


Hi, if you'd like to move your first steps into the SUI environment some resources can be found straight in your SUI Wallet (download it from chrome://extensions) Once you created your actual wallet on the bottom you will find the tab "dApps" and from there you can access these few apps: - Mint NFT allows you to mint a file into an NFT. I tried once with a file I have stored on my IPFS profile and it worked but the actual image never loaded. I suppose it might be because of some errors that DevNet still has to address. - Got Beef? it's a social prediction platform where you create a team of players and judges (SUI wallets) and define a prediction market. At the end of the event the consensus among the judges will define the winner. If you're interested in playing/judging hit me up and we can start playing some DevNet SUI tokens or MIST. - Ethos 2048 it's a puzzle game where you can sum equal numbers until reaching the maximum number of 2048 (if you're really good!) and at every new achievement you get a prize in the shape of an NFT. It's fun and free. - Keepsake will be an NFT marketplace and at the moment you can buy test NFTs and the experience is pretty good even now in DevNet. You can try it out but be aware that every NFT (and token) in your wallet will be erased every time there is a Network restart. - Blue Move it's another NFTs marketplace for SUI and it will most likely be like the Aptos version that you can already try at I hope that these few hints will help you get more acquainted with SUI and I'm happy to join early groups for beta testing, future alpha, getting to know the blockchain and the teams involved and provide hopefully helpful feedback. Cheers

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