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About Sui Global

Sui Global - your guide to the world of the Sui ecosystem

Sui is a first-level blockchain designed to allow developers and creators to create an experience that meets the needs of a billion users around the world.

Sui Global is designed to increase user awareness of the Sui blockchain in general, as well as projects being developed on Sui around the world. Sui Global focuses on strengthening the foundation of the Sui ecosystem, building a community, and supporting both existing and new projects being built on the basis of the Sui blockchain.

Regarding the team and goals

We are a startup at an early stage, which means that we all work closely together and grow in order to create an up-to-date and useful product. We are fast, flexible and dynamic, but at the same time we are always focused on the user experience and improving the quality of the product. We are open to interaction and welcome everyone. We are ready for various kinds of cooperation for the development of the ecosystem.

Our mission is to improve the interaction of everyone with everyone in the Sui ecosystem: interaction between users, users with projects, projects with projects.

Our goal is to provide users around the world with all the important and necessary information regarding all projects being built on the Sui blockchain in one place.

**One of the important components of our mission ** is to transfer our knowledge to everyone who wants to increase their level of education and awareness in the crypto space. We are ready to accompany any person, starting from the first steps and ending with employment in crypto projects based on Sui.

We want to create the best comprehensive guide for all Sui users, from new crypto users to developers.

  • Let's build together without borders!*

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