What are the advantages in the role of Sui global


How do I get the **Crew3 Hunter** role? To get Crew3 Hunter role, you need to complete all quests in our community: https://suiglobal.crew3.xyz/ How do I get **OG** role? 1) You need to be active on the server, communicating within the project, be helpful, help other users, leave a helpful feedback. 2) You can help us prepare useful and informative material about Sui or any projects in the Sui Ecosystem. This can be articles, infographics, videos, etc. 3) Just participate in our events, contests and giveaways 4) Get the role of Crew3Hunter How do I get **Alpha** role? 1) Get a recommendation by moderators or ambassadors; 2) Get into TOP in Leaderboard Crew3 3) Get into TOP invited to Discord (bots and inactive users do not count) 4) Win the Sui Global contest or event - Only OG can enter to our Alpha community. - Each month we will summarize the most active OG based on the criteria above, and award the Alpha roles. - Ambassadors and Moderators have the Alpha role as long as they are an Ambassador and Moderator. What are the advantages of the Alpha community? 1. Access to a private chat room. 2. Insights on Sui projects. 3. High-value roles and WL from our partners 4. WL for Sui Global NFT 5. Recommendation from Sui Global for employment 6. Receiving any assistance from the Sui Global team

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