How to mint your own NFT on SUI Wallet


1. You need to download [SUI wallet extension]( at chrome webstore. 2. After installing, create an account. Make sure to backup your wallet. Make sure you are on **test network.** 3. Next, click on the menu at the topmost left corner of the wallet, the one with a three lines and then click "Request SUI testnet tokens". 4. After requesting, go back to your wallet dashboard to see your balance and then click on the **Apps Icon** below and look **SUI NFT Mint**, you will be directed to the minting page. 5. Before you mint, you need to have an image uploaded to IPFS since it is needed when minting your own NFT. 6. Go to []( and sign-up for an account, verify then log-in. 7. Upload the file by clicking upload button. 8. Once finish uploading, go to files and you can see the file you just uploaded. Click actions and copy the IPFS URL. 9. Go back to the mint page, connect wallet and enter details such as name, description and paste the IPFS URL you copied in the image url and then click create. 10. When done, go back to SUI wallet, click NFTS and you will be able to see your minted NFT.

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