Learning to program in sui


📢A detailed breakdown of all the lines of code for @EthosWalletXYZ's game Sui 8192 from Andy - founder @SuizzleNFT puzzle game on #Sui    This guide is suitable for experienced and novice developers of applications and games on #SuiMove language. Thanks for such a deep dive!❤️‍🔥 Suizzle is a puzzle game🧩 And we LOVE solving the puzzle of dApps + peer-to-peer gaming🕹️ Here's Part 1 of a deep dive into @EthosWalletXYZ's game Sui 8192🌊✨ We hope this series is a valuable resource for builders! @SuiNetwork #SuiEcosystem #MoveLang https://twitter.com/SuizzleNFT/status/1595183433143173123?t=8H0Xp-kvifJuMVFjxhJZDQ&s=19

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